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As a mommy myself I KNOW how important it is to get good quality photos of your little ones.

Avie is only 13 months and from the time she was born till now she has changed in a million ways! I often find myself going thru her old photos reminiscing on how cute and little and immobile she was oh, those were the days. I also love that I have tons of photos of her printed all around my house. What I am most looking forward to is when she is older and gets to look through all of these memories herself. I also know that these moments and memories will be priceless 50 years from now. That’s why I decided to write this post!


I understand that you can’t hire a professional photographer every couple months to capture all of the little changes (but when you can, hit me up) so here are 5 tips to help you capture decent (hopefully gorgeous) images of your littles whether you have a nice camera or your just using your iPhone! These tips will help everyone!


TIP #1: Choosing the right time of day or the right light

This is the NUMBER ONE tip I will say will make a huge huge huge difference. As a photographer I am trained to read the light. I can see lighting and know exactly how the photo will turn out. For someone that can’t do that quite yet, I can understand that sometimes you just don’t know what the heck light does to photos. I can shoot any time of the day, and find great light, but that's because I’ve been photographing for over 10 years. If you are just now getting started into this stick to two times in the day if you want to photograph outside in open light (meaning no shade)


1. Early in the morning after sunrise
2. Late in the afternoon before sunset

What these two times will do for you is create this perfect soft lighting that will basically look good in any manner. iPhone shots look best at these times, and if you have any sort of digital camera that's even better.


If you want to photograph them inside the house, choose a time of day that the light will be the brightest in your house and shoot with the light either to the left side or right side of you. Meaning don’t position your kids in front of a window especially if a ton of light is coming through. You’ll get a hazy mess. Instead position them a few steps away from the window and pay attention to the light on their face, shoot with the window behind you or to the sides of you!


This is not as important but for me I am a huge believer that what you wear in photos makes a huge difference in the over all photograph. You want to put your kids in very simple neutral clothes, don’t put distracting colors, and crazy graphic tees on them. Grab a simple dress or a solid tee.


TIP #3: Ditch the “poses”

Kids aren’t going to smile at the camera. Its just a fact, and if you have a unicorn child that loves to look into your camera and smile on camera then I freaking hate you because that's amazing but honestly kids don’t want to stop what they are doing so that you can take a picture of them. So instead of asking them to “smile” get them to laugh, follow them around let them play, get down on their level, ask them questions, let them see they back of the camera and what you’ve gotten of them if they are old enough to care. The most helpful thing I do to get Avie to look at me and smile is playing peek a boo behind my camera. This girl is a peek a boo fanatic and just loves it and I know I can always get her to laugh that way.

You know your kid so use that to create a fun environment for them so they learn to love photos, and not hate them.


bonus tip - Practice practice practice.

Its all about trial and error here people. Practice different lighting situations, and different settings on your camera, the more you use it, the easier it will get.


If you use any of these tips PLEASE tag me in any photos you post of them so I can see!!

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