Favorite South Austin Wedding Venues | Top 5

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The wedding venue you decide to get married at is the benchmark for almost everything about your wedding, from the esthetic to the ease of the wedding day but most importantly how your photos will look when its all said and done. Natural light, and neutral tones is what it is all about! Some wedding venues get this, and well some just dont! but I am listing 5 of the venues that I have personally gotten the pleasure of shooting at that offer so much goodness and honestly the best light! One thing to keep in mind is the color of the walls at the reception area! Choosing a venue with white or natural walls will have a very neutral and clean look when the final image is completed. So I will list 5 of my favorite South Austin venues that will fill your wildest dreams!

#1 Jennifer’s Gardens

I am obsessed with this place. It is a hidden gem right in the middle of downtown Austin! Its a perfect place for a small intimate wedding! If you love a vintage and boho vibe this place will make you feel right at home! You can see more from this wedding over here!

#2 Mercury Hall

Oh this Austin wedding venue is sure to make you so happy! its such a beautiful little venue with everything you could ever want. So many possibilities and they are endless. The light is incredible at anytime thanks to big trees that give off amazing shade! Their reception space is all white, and basically a photographers dream!

You can see more from this wedding over here!

#3 Pecan Springs Ranch

This wedding venue in Austin is so quaint and amazing!! I’m super obsessed with the layout, and really really love the open deck porch at the back of the venue! This makes it super easy to allow your guests to eat outside but have that amazing shade we all love so much! They also have little touches like a shed near the back with a cute love sign!

You can see more from this wedding over here!

#4 Prospect House

If you haven’t heard of this minimalist wedding venue in Austin then you must be living under a rock but let me tell you!! This place is AMAZING, you can turn it into any kind of space you want and it has the best lighting EVER. You can see more from this wedding over here!

#5 Heritage Haus

UGH this venue is seriously got to be my favorite in Austin!! Its just so damn gorgeous everywhere you turn!! Plus they have the CUTEST little cottages where the wedding party can get ready and they are basically like little tiny homes which I am obsessed with!

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